黃金獵犬玩到一半突然不動「詭異凝視」 女主人5分鐘後被救命

黃金獵犬玩到一半「詭異靜止不動」 女主人5分鐘後突暈倒被救命。(圖/翻攝自TikTok/servicedog.sparrow)





@servicedog.sparrow *GENUINE ALERT CAPTURED REAL TIME* I was filming my (service) dog playing like a puppy then she suddenly stops about 5 minutes in and starts acting strange! I tried to get her to keep playing but she refused, she knew something was wrong. Turns out I was heading into pre-syncope which often results in long episodes or fainting if I don’t realise or do something quickly enough (sometimes its not possible either). ???? Sparrow is my #servicedog and is trained to respond to tiny changes in my body chemistry (detected by scent) and little behavioural cues/physiological changes and either *alert* me ahead of time (like she did here) or *respond* if I go into a pre-syncopal episode to help mitigate the worst of the symptoms (retrieve water, medication, keep me “with it”) or assist if I pass out (bring me round, get help from my partner, calm me down as I come round until I’m ok to get up). What is Pre-Syncope? #Syncope itself refers to passing out/fainting. So #presyncope is by definition “before fainting”, i.e. the feeling of when you’re about to faint. But with some medical conditions, it can happen on it’s own without fully losing consciousness and can last long periods of time. Symptoms include: • Nausea/vomiting • Blurred/tunnel vision (or lost) • Tremor/shaking • Clamminess/sweating • Legs buckling, weakness • Palpitations and heart racing • Ears ringing/hearing muffled (or lost) • Dizziness/lightheadedness • Feeling hot and cold simultaneously And many more. It can come on slowly or ridiculously fast, and occur without warning or in response to a trigger like heat, standing still, infection, humidity. In short, its HORRIBLE. Like the worst travel sickness combined with the stomach flu. #Fainting or #passingout can actually be a relief during pre-syncope. #DysautonomiaAwareness #NeurocardiogenicSyncope #VasovagalSyncope #PresyncopeAttack #ServiceDog #ServiceDogsPlayToo #servicedogtasking #Servicedogalert #itsmeimtheproblem #hiitsmeimtheproblem #ServiceDogSparrow #AssistanceDog #AssistancedogTask ♬ Oh No - Kreepa



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