影/繁殖場貴賓「不知怎麼上床」 饋頭「站著睡」身體狂搖

繁殖場狗狗不敢上床睡覺。(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)

▲Jordan Knight在好朋友的陪伴下慢慢熟悉新生活。(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)


美國中途媽媽Melissa Lentz收留一隻從繁殖場救出的貴賓狗,布置了舒適的小窩,卻發現狗狗完全不懂得如何上床睡覺,只敢站在床邊打盹,這一幕讓她心都碎了。



小貴賓Jordan Knight和其他700隻狗狗從喬治亞州的繁殖場獲救,這間繁殖場雖然有合法執照,但3月初被踢爆不人道的對待動物,目前警方已經介入調查。Melissa Lentz收留了Jordan Knight,她知道這隻小狗狗一定嚇壞了,所以在家裡布置了舒適的空間,關注著Jordan Knight的舉動,希望小傢伙能體會到被疼愛的感覺。

第一個晚上,Jordan Knight慢慢走到角落的床邊,但是牠不懂得如何上床只是把頭靠在枕頭上,竟然站著就睡著了,後腳彎曲著搖搖晃晃,最後被自己驚醒,這讓Melissa Lentz心疼不已。救援狗狗的動保團體Releash Atlanta表示,「牠已經習慣在狹窄的籠子裡站著睡了,所以到了中途家庭還是這麼做。」

繁殖場狗狗不敢上床睡覺。(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)

▲Jordan Knight發現,家裡很多舒服的地方能夠趴下休息。(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)

幸好Melissa Lentz中途的其他狗狗幫助這位新來的好朋友漸漸適應環境,幾天後Jordan Knight懂得上床睡覺,也發現家裡很大可以慢慢探索,而且有好多地方都能舒服地趴下來休息,慢慢牠也發現跟媽媽撒嬌、賴在媽媽腿上有多麼溫暖。

繁殖場狗狗不敢上床睡覺。(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)

▲原來躺在媽媽腿上的感覺這麼棒!(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)

Releash Atlanta表示,有了中途家庭的愛,Jordan Knight總算適應了,「這些狗狗曾經受過身心靈創傷,要牠們一夜之間改變那是不可能的,但是我們盡力用愛去填滿牠們心中曾經受創的部分。」等到Jordan Knight的身體和心理的準備好了,牠將開放領養。

▼現在Jordan Knight每天都睡在媽媽床上。(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)

繁殖場狗狗不敢上床睡覺。(圖/翻攝自Melissa Lentz)

We’ve had a lot of people concerned about our sweet little puppy mill kid, Jordan Knight. He was the little guy that was so used to standing to sleep due to his cramped cage, that he did the same thing on his first night in his foster home (top video). But we have good news to share, he knows how to get comfortable in his bed now! This doesn’t mean he’s a whole new dog just yet, he’s got a ways to go, but with a lot of love and attention from his foster family, he’s finally settling in. And bonus - he got to go to the groomers today! He was shaved at the vet, but he needed a little bath to put the finishing touches on his makeover ☺️ These dogs have been traumatized emotionally and mentally as well as physically neglected. To expect them to suddenly change overnight is impossible, but we are doing our best to erase their past and replace it with love, attention and comfort while they learn this whole new world of theirs. Thank you to everyone who cares about these guys! We truly appreciate your concern! And for all of our new supporters, we are 100% volunteer run, 501c3, department of ag licensed rescue so everything you donate helps us help them, and is a tax deduction for you and if you donated towards these dogs - THANK YOU! Also, to check out our adoptable dogs, visit

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Update 3/15, sleeping in my bed!! Update 3/14, the couch monster!! Update 3/13, look who’s sitting in my lap!! Update 3/12, watch Jordan learning how to play! Update 3/11, watch Jordan learning how to walk up a step! Update 3/10, bath day for Jordan! Update 3/9, Jordan is laying down for the first time! Update 3/8 on my foster dog, Jordan: Update 3/7 at 7:23pm: YOU GUYS!!!! WE DID IT!!! WE MADE ENOUGH NOISE - THE BREEDER GOT ARRESTED!!!! Original post on 3/6: Ok, not much breaks me but this does. Look at my poor foster dog that was just rescued from the south Georgia LEGAL breeding facility. This is how he sleeps - standing up - because that’s what he had to do for years in his small cage and that’s all he knows. My friend is fostering two of his siblings, and those two dogs literally pee ON each other IN their crate at her house because that’s what they had to do at the puppy mill. They were in a makeshift cage OUTSIDE 24/7, tiny cages piled on top of each other, standing in their own (and each other’s) urine and feces. Please speak up to get justice for all 700 of these poor souls. The Dog Rescues, The Bad And The Ugly. page has all the necessary information to share and report this. Thank you to Releash Atlanta for saving this baby! Disclaimer: This content is exclusively managed by Kennedy News and Media. To license or use in a commercial player, please contact or call +44 161 660 8596.

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